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What is 360?

360 started off life as the CSSM (Children’s Special Services Mission), then it became Perranporth Beach Mission,  in Perranporth, Cornwall. Although still supported and affiliated with SU, the name has changed to 360, showing the complete revolution (like a wave) that Jesus gives us in life.

We aim to tell people of all ages the good news of Jesus, and to build up and encourage team members for service in their local church back home.


Who goes to 360?

The children and families who attend the clubs and events we put on are either from the Perranporth area, or holiday makers (who usually plan their holidays especially to coincide with the mission).

The team members, who run the clubs and events, volunteer and come from all over the UK,  giving up 2 weeks of their holiday to serve. It’s a great team atmosphere, and building relationships is really important


What happens at 360?

The mission has changed in a number of areas over the year, but much of the format remains the same. Each weekday morning, we normally have team time- a time for worship, word, discipleship, training, receiving- generally being built up and encouraged. We see this as a key time of the day, and find that team members go away supported and stronger in their faith.

From 10am we run activities for the children and adults. These vary depending on the age, but generally we start with a road show style event for about 30 mins. This includes messy games, drama, songs and sketches. We then split up into the different age groups, doing games and activities, with a focus on learning about Jesus and the difference he makes in our lives.

Most afternoons we run events for kids and families, such as sand sculpture competitions, “It’s a Knockout”, treasure hunts, and more. Evening events are more family orientated with BBQs, walks, quiz nights, barn dances etc


Is 360 just for kids?

We have a real passion for meeting people where they are at. Some of the team have been involved in pub gigs, which is a great way to get to know people. There is also a beach team, which runs beach games and other outreach events.

Moochy Mooch, threesixty’s very own drop in café, is always bustling with customers, who can relax in a chilled atmosphere.

You will be pleased to know that the middle Saturday is a complete day off! Time to hit the beach, explore the local area, or catch up on sleep!


How do I get on the 360 team?

You need to register and fill out an application form online at


Where do 360 team members sleep?

Most of the team will sleep in dormitories at Mission HQ, although we can also accommodate people bringing their own tents or caravans and some may be put up with local people during the mission. Be prepared to bring your airbed and sleeping bags and sleep on the floor!

What does a 360 team member need to bring?

Enough clothes for 1 or 2 weeks, Soap, Towels and Toiletries, Sleeping Bag, Bible, notebook and Pen, a team handbook and any instrument you are can play and are willing to bring!

Is there a Team Handbook?

Yes there is, it tells you all sort of things if you are coming on team.

You can download it here: 360 Team Handbook